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La Piana degli Ulivi 

​Residenza di campagna 

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La Piana degli Ulivi 

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La Piana degli Ulivi

Cooking Class Calabrese

The joy of sharing your cuisine


Welcome to Piana degli Ulivi, where cooking becomes home and each dish tells a story of tradition and passion.

Discover authentic Calabrian - or rather, Rossananese - cuisine with the Cooking Classes of “La Piana degli Ulivi”.

Nestled among olive groves, you will learn to prepare traditional dishes such as homemade pasta, meatballs with sauce and local desserts, using fresh, seasonal ingredients directly from the garden.

The Joy of Cooking

Lea's welcome at the Piana degli Ulivi

If cooking is a source of relaxation and joy for you, you are in the right place. Here, Lea welcomes you with all the experience of family cooking handed down for generations, ready to share with you the secrets of traditional Calabrian cuisine.


Watch the video, find out more about what we have to offer you and immerse yourself in the reality of Rossano!


Among the olive groves

A Journey into the Authentic Flavors of Calabria

In our Cooking Class, immersed in the olive groves that characterize the landscape of our land, you will learn to cook typical dishes of the past, enriched by the authentic flavors of the Calabrian territory.


Each recipe is a journey into the past, an experience that will make you feel part of our family.


Info and Booking

Homemade pasta and traditional desserts are some of the dishes you can make in the cooking lessons at Piana degli Ulivi. Maccarun a ferrett, meatballs with tomato and aubergine meatballs, olives a ra' fressura and local dishes with garden products.

Yes just like this! Our cuisine varies according to seasonality because we will collect the products from the garden and prepare them directly in our kitchen. Freshness and authenticity are fundamental for us at Piana degli Ulivi and for Calabrian cuisine.


Do you want to know more or book? Fill out the form and we will reply as soon as possible!


A unique experience:

Traditional Calabrian cuisine at La Piana degli Ulivi

Join us at Piana degli Ulivi for an unforgettable cooking class.

We are waiting for you to experience the joy of cooking and sharing together, in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. Are you ready to discover the secrets of Calabrian cuisine?